May 7, 2017

Dear People of Saint James,

This weekend, at all our Masses, I read a letter from Archbishop Blair concerning the results of the Hartford Archdiocesan Pastoral Planning process.  I am posting the letter here, for the benefit of those who may have been away this weekend and unable to attend Mass at Saint James.

You will see from the letter that, effective June 29, Assumption Parish will merge with Saint James Parish.  Later, upon the retirement of Father Jack Pahl, Assumption will close, and the newly-formed parish will be called Saint James Church.

This will be a difficult transition for many people.  I know you will do your best to make this as positive an experience as possible for everyone affected, and I trust that we will have your understanding, support, and prayers as we move forward.

This weekend announcements of parish reconfigurations have been made in churches throughout the Archdiocese.  Information concerning these announcements can be found on the Archdiocesan Pastoral Planning website,

Please click HERE to read the full announcement from Archbishop Blair